"Warrior the original War Horse" - Lecture


Few horses have an Obituary in the Times. But Warrior did.

And during his lecture on the original War Horse, Brough Scott goes on to claim that “Warrior was the greatest horse that ever lived”. After hearing the incredible story of the real “War Horse” and seeing some amazing photos and Alfred Munnings drawings of his life you will see why.

Brough’s lecture can be tailor made to the specific audience but covers the heroic escapades of Warrior and Jack Seely as they head to the front in 1914 and are still there and alive four years later. The lecture is not just about a horse, but about the shaping of the history of our times and about the brave men and horses who fought, and died, for ‘God and Country’ and for a world that we partly take for granted and which to a large extent does not exist any more.

Warrior’s story will amaze and move you. All the more so because it is entirely true.

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